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Dec 18, 2012 4:30am PST
identified but are said to be three men and a boy. they were gunned down november 25th near brook dale park. no motive has been mentioned. >>> today they are talking about a small group of pro test -- protesters. they say because of zoning laws they never should have been given a permit to open this month. >> a gym takes four years to get approved and lots of neighborhood comments, there was none here. >> they will determine whether or not the 711 can stay -- seven 11 whether or not they can stay open since it has been deemed technically residential. >>> it's right near there and they determined the building is unsafe and needs to be demolished but it was once home to the country's largest swimming pool. >> very interesting. >> 4:36 no rain to talk about, cold out there but let's toss to traffic. good morning sal. >>> we are off to a good start and the rest of the roads, let's look at what we have, not a bad drive from vallejo, it is nice and clear and you can see there are no major fog obstructions and traffic looks good to the toll plaza and i noticed how clear it was all over the place.
Dec 7, 2012 12:00pm PST
to death near brook dale park. the service will be held in oakland. 16-year-old bobby will be remembered on saturday. they were shot as many as 36 times. no arrests have been made. >>> the body after man found in an alameda grocery store parking lot was identified. he was in a car outside of knob hill foods. now alameda investigators are trying to figure out how he died and where he used to live. >>> we have new information about a former albany middle schoolteacher who killed himself after being accused of sex crimes. according to unsealed documents james edges changed flirtatious teakses and videos with a student. he kissed and fondled a student on several occasions on many occasions. they arrested him after they searched his home. he committed suicide a tuesdays later. the investigation is still ongoing. >>> a surgeon has taken a leave of absence in the midst of malpractice accusations. according to the newspaper, he is accused of performing experiments on dying brain cancer patients. they banned that doctor and another doctor from doing anything on human subjects. four malpractice ca
Dec 9, 2012 7:30am PST
-old bobby sartain were best friends. they were shot two weeks ago near brooke dale park. police have not made any arrests. services for raquel happen today at 11:00 this morning at cooper's mortuary on fruitvale avenue. >>> the man accused of killing sierra lamar will be arraign order new charges tomorrow. antolin garcia-torres has now been accused of three other attempted kidnappings. the 21-year-old was charged last month in connection to those assaults. the incidents took place back in 2009, all in safeway parking lots. garcia-torres was employed at the safeway in morgan hill. >>> in a brash home invasion in san francisco's richmond district, three men with a gun chased a woman into her home near the intersection of 31st avenue and clemente street last night. a neighbor tells us when the woman's father got to the house, she screamed, don't come in! but it was too late. robbers got away with a wallet, diamond earrings, watch and gold chain, but no one was hurt. >>> union workers at the port of oakland have voted to ratify a new contract. >> more than 200 people went out on strike l
Dec 7, 2012 5:00am PST
found last month near brooke dale park. they had been shot as many as 36 times. no arrests have been made. >>> today is the 71st anniversary on the attack of pearl harbor which helped propel the united states in world war ii. they will mark the day bellying the beacon at dusk. it will shine until dawn. it's called the eye of diablo. it was turned off on december 8th, 1941 so it would not be a guide for enemy planes. it stayed dark until 1964 and now it's it will every year on this day december 7th. >>> time now 5:07. we usually talk to sal about friday light. tara is in for sal. so far you're still smiling. >> i am. happy friday. roadways are looking clear so that is the good news. hopefully it will stay that way for your morning commute. right now let's take a look at highway 24 through lafayette. you can see traffic is flowing nicely there. those are the taillights you see there. at the mccarthur maze we have no problems here either. you can see in the far right hand side of your screen those are people trying to get over to the bay bridge. up next a look at 280 near san jose. tra
Dec 16, 2012 7:00am PST
on november 25th near brooke dale park. one of the suspects confessed to the killings. they are still speaking with possible witnesses but say they are not searching for any additional suspects. >>> a man is in custody on suspicion of domestic violence after a long standoff in san francisco. it happened last night on nob hill. near hide street. officers responded to reports of a domestic dispute but they kept their distance when they determined the suspect might have a weapon. after about four hours the man surrendered peacefully to authorities. >> well, i stopped there and went to another place to eat. but i didn't know this was going to happen. >> streets reopened at about 11:00 last night without any reports of injuries. the case remains under investigation. >>> investigators say wet weather was not a factor in a deadly crash that briefly shut down interstate 280. that crash happened just before 12:30 yesterday afternoon. the cause of the two-car crash still under investigation. the driver who died was the only person inside one of the vehicles. authorities say three people in the other car
Dec 8, 2012 7:00am PST
-year-old. they were found on november 25th near brook dale park. no arrests have been made. >> kat williams has been arrested. sheriff deputies found him last night at a gas station. he was wanted on a felony warrant for leading the chp on a chase. officers say he almost hit five people while riding a three wheeled motorcycle on the sidewalk. he also faces assault charges for this incident with a target store employee. >> the nation's highest court has agreed to address the issue of same sex marriage. the united states supreme court said yesterday it'll hear two cases challenging laws that define marriage as only between a man and a woman. one of them is california's ban on same sex marriage, proposition eight which voters approved in 2008. lower courts ruled that the proposition was not congress constitutional. the other case is from new york, it challenges the defense of marriage act that requires the government to deny federal benefits to legally married gay couples. it was passed in 1996 and signed by president clinton. reaction in san francisco's castro district included a ra
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6